PAL, or "Protection Against L.I.G.H.T.", is an organization who's main goal is to foster the creation of a world where Eons and Humans can live peacefully together.



PAL is made up of both human and Eon teams who are willing to risk their lives for the safety of all Eons. Whether it be to pick up a stranded Eon that is in need of help, or to infiltrate a L.I.G.H.T. facility in order to free the captive Eons, their missions are numerous. The main founder of PAL is a 64 year old man named Reggie Morph, code name “Dark Blade”. Each member plays a role in PAL and is organized into certain groups that are assigned to complete special tasks. For instance, one group may be aimed solely at reconnaissance while another may be aimed at infiltrating L.I.G.H.T. facilities. Different groups are assigned special group names or colors and together, the groups split up and go out to aid Eons.

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There are many different jobs within PAL from the most mundane jobs to the most important and interesting. PAL's command structure is much like a military with three main branches: Army, Navy, and Aerospace forces with one notable difference. All three branches use the same ranking and pay grade system. Since all branches wear the same uniform, which military branch a person belongs to is designated by an insignia on their uniform. However, the uniform is usually not worn out in public outside a PAL base. PAL uses a unorthodox ranking system, using Private and Corporal from army military ranks and switching to a navy military rank structure starting with petty officer. Each PAL member is further organized into units that are designated by group name, insignia, and color. In the case of the main founder/leader of PAL is killed or incapacitated and is unable to fulfill his duties, one of the second in commands is elected by her peers to become the new leader of PAL.




PAL has not just one location, but there are many bases raging in size from mind bogglingly huge, to small hide-away bases. If any one base is destroyed or compromised in any way, PAL will suffer minimal loss of power to fight against LIGHT. This is extremely unlikely as the PAL bases are heavily fortified against attack.


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