Jack is a designer eon made as a genetic test by LIGHT Eon.

Basic InfoEdit

Full Name: Jack Cooper
Gender: Male
Nickname: Cooper
Age: 19
Birthday: DATE
Species: Designer Eon Wolf
Alliance: Eon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Occupation: Thief
Religion: Slight spiritual connection; meditate
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Location: San Francisco (highly populated areas)


Fur Color: Black fur covers entire body except for the hands/forearms, feet/calves, tip of the tail, muzzle, and ears; these all start a blood red and fade into the black
Fur Length: Soft one inch fur
Fur Style: Brushed, clean
Ethnic Background: Human and Wolf DNA with genetically altered fur colour
Eye Color: Blood Red iris, black pupil
Glasses/Contacts: None
Scars: None
Birthmarks: White symbol on forehead; it was not part of LIGHT's genetic alterations, it appeared at birth and represents balance and time
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Jewelry: None
Outfit: Black hoodie with slits in the top for his ears, dark grey t-shirt with black vector flourishes, black cargo pants with extra pockets, black belt worn diagonally across hip (has several leather containers and a messenger bag-hybrid attached)


Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 5' 7"
Build: Lean, defined muscle tone
Health: Good
Disabilities: None
Best physical trait: Eyes and white symbol
Physical flaws: None


Density FluxEdit

Description: Can shift the state of solid matter to pass through it. The reverse effect applies to liquids which can be turned into solids without altering temperature. (walk on water) While fighting, Jack can change the density of his body to make his punches and kicks harder, and his damage taken less severe
Limitations: Must be touching objects at all times in order to induce matter flux. While fighting, the material fluctuation of body, feet, and hands, can only be triggered in brief spurts. Cannot phase through walls unless he has meditated or is focussed (adrenaline); just his hands to forearms.
Meditation: Increases control and amplitude of Jack's powers.


Family: None
Rank: None
Father: None
Mother: None
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Known Ancestors: None
Known extended family: None
Children: None
Been in love: No
BOY/GIRLfriend: No One
Married To: No One
Friends: Rey, Riley
Enemies: LIGHT


Personality type: INTJ - Strategist
Personality temperament: Rationalist;
Extraverted or introverted? Introverted
Sensing or intuition? Sensing
Thinking or feeling? Thinking
Judging or perceiving? Judging
Objective or subjective? Objective
Mercy or justice? Justice
Leader or follower? Leader
Optimist or pessimist? Neutral
Daredevil or cautious? Risk assessment
Unorganized or perfectionist? Perfectionist
Outgoing or shy? Keeps quiet and to himself unless he knows you very well
Active or lazy? Active
Serious or playful? Neutral
Mean or nice? Neutral
Nature: Strives for perfection and skill. Wants to be entirely self reliant and capable.
In a good mood: Quiet, doesn't say much unless he has to. Prefers to act after thinking things through carefully.
In a bad mood: Quiet, doesn't say much, but when he does, it means business.
Pissed beyond reason: Gets very aggressive and fast-spoken.
Strengths: High will power
Weaknesses: Not very social; hard for him to make friends
Mental Disabilities: None
Happy when: Occupied with either a mission or personal endeavor
Frightened when: Caught because he miscalculated the risk
Helpless when Sedated
Sad when: With large groups
Angry when: it's too loud
Lonely when: Prefers to be alone
Self expression hard? Likes painting. Messy painting.


Favorite memory: Saving enough money to buy his flat in San Francisco
Least favorite memory: Being trained by LIGHT
History: Word .3.

Creator SpecificsEdit

Named after: Myself, Jack Cooper
Modeled After: Pieces of myself
Drawings of character: Yes
Literature about character: Yes
Creator Jack Cooper's character concept: I wanted to create a new character that would allow me to be more expressive. Taro was a goody two-shoes; Jack is way more fun.
Character's theme song: "TITLE" by ARTIST

L.I.G.H.T. ScientistEdit

Created by: LIGHT Designer Eon Team
Purpose for Creation: Testing genetic fur colour alterations
L.I.G.H.T. Facility Location: Nevada
Eon Experiment Number: DE 000032.12 (Designer Eon number 32, room 12)
Additional LIGHT Scientist Info: Jack was created as a test to see what colours and physical attributes could be altered on an Eon to make them more visually pleasing. His fur colour was altered to be red and black, but the white symbol on his forehead was not included in the design, it was a birthmark. Jack's legs and tail are longer than the average Eon's. His hips are slightly wider and his eyes are deep red.

Additional InfoEdit

Sing? Yes but doesn't sing frequently
Dance? Yes
Play an instrument? No
Do Gymnastics? Yes; freerunning and parkour
Draw? Yes, and paint
Read? English and Japanese
Write? English and Japanese
Cook? American, Asian, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian Cuisines
Speak a different language? Japanese
Swim? Yes (walk on water too)

Favorite food: Steak
Least favorite food: Greasy fast food
Favorite music: Ambient, Cybient
Least favorite music: Country, Rap
Favorite color: Red
Least favorite color: Pink
Favorite literature: Science Fiction
Favorite weapon: Knife
Favorite swear words: Never Swears
Favorite beverage: Cream Soda
Favorite animal: Wolf
Favorite past-time: Painting

Transportation: Running
Do they drive? Yes, he can drive but prefers to run or walk
Preferred transportation: On foot
Schooling: College level mathematics, science, english, and linguistics.
Been in trouble with the law? Yes
Done anything illegal and not gotten caught? Every Day
Smoke? No
Drink? No
Accent: No, but can mimmic most accents</br>

How are they perceived by...
Strangers? Quiet
Friends? Enigmatic
Lover? Mysterious

Character InterviewEdit

(responses in his/her own voice)
I got my name from myself.
My favorite home is my flat in San Francisco.
My current relationship status is open.
My goal in life is to be completely self reliant and free.
I wish I could stop LIGHT.
I'm a sucker for a nice steak.
The worst part of my life is having to be on the lookout for LIGHT.
I want to teach my children that the world has much more to offer from a thief's point of view.
A good time for me is a day in my flat splashing paint on a fresh canvas.
The worst advice that my parents gave me was I didn't have parents.
I thought I was grown up when This thought has not occurred to me yet.
When I feel sorry for myself I run.
Nobody knows that I'm responsible for nearly $540,000 worth of stolen electronics.
My friends like me because I'm confident and knowledgeable.
My pet peeve is LIGHT's never ending reign of cruelty.
My major accomplishment is yet to be accomplished.
I can die happy when I meet a better opponent.
I'd really rather be cooking.
My most humbling experience was learning how to live off the streets.
My most prized possession is my city.
My darkest secret is none of your business.
My peculiarities include very little.
If granted one wish, it would be to control everything.
The worst thing that could happen would be if I was captured and tortured by LIGHT.