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This article is about Draga as an Eon character. For information on Draga as a user, see User:Draga03.

Draga is a human genetic experiment with the Eon code.

Basic InfoEdit

Full Name: Draga
Gender: Female
Nickname: Croc; Lizard Girl
Age: 20
Birthday: April 23
Species: Eon/Human
Alliance: L.I.G.H.T. then PAL
Alignment: Chaotic good
Occupation: Assassin for L.I.G.H.T. later a tracking scout for PAL (job involves tracking down troubled Eons and bring them back to PAL)
Religion: Christian
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Residence: L.I.G.H.T. headquarters then PAL base after switching sides.


Hair Color: Dark Brown, auburn under sunlight
Hair Length: Below shoulder blades
Hair Style: Straight and ruffled
Skin Color: Tanned white
Ethnic Background: White Caucasian
Eye Color: Forest green
Glasses/Contacts: None
Scars: TBA
Birthmarks: None
Piercings: None
Tattoos: L.I.G.H.T. tattoo on left shoulder with experiment number-
Jewelry: PAL necklace (after switching to PAL side)
Standard Outfit for L.I.G.H.T.: Any kind of t-shirt under dark gray, elbow length jacket; dark blue flare jeans, dark gray fingerless gloves and black boots.This is Draga’s L.I.G.H.T. field uniform.
Alternate Outfit for L.I.G.H.T.: Wears either dark colored/black black tank-top or t-shirt with capri jeans, plus dark gray fingerless gloves. Draga usually goes around barefoot inside the headquarters, despite the LIGHT scientists’ complaints. This is Draga’s outfit for when she’s in L.I.G.H.T headquarters.
Standard Outfit for PAL:TBA
Alternate Outfit for PAL: TBA
Additional Info: TBA


Weight: 132 lbs
Height: 5'6"
Build: Skinny/average
Health: Excellent
Disabilities: None
Best physical trait: Long limbs, great for reaching from high places and running, and thin figure for squeezing through small spaces.
Physical flaws: Scars.


Inhuman AbilitiesEdit

Description: As an experiment in the Department, Draga went through intense training to harness some powers from the Eon Code within her with success. Draga has inhuman strength, capable of breaking through a 4 inches thick brick wall. Draga also has inhuman agility to give her the advantage over most of the enemies she’s up against and is also used for quick short-distance traveling. She also has high pain tolerance, so most of attacks inflicted on her don't faze her as much as it would a normal human. Draga, along with other experiments, was made to last a long time so she has internal regenerative tissues (self-healing), is capable of surviving some of the injuries that would kill an average human (Like internal bleeding but it really depends on her condition) and ages slowly once she reaches her 20s.
Limitations: She gets exhausted pretty quickly in fights, which is why she often try to end them as quick as possible. Draga was created for speed and strength; and because of that, her defense is poor, so she would find herself injured very often after battles and the speed of Draga's self-healing is determined by how serious her injuries are and the loss of blood; too much blood loss and/or severe injuries would result in passing out, and possibly coma. Draga can self-heal but she cannot regenerate severed parts (Organs or limbs). Draga's strength is limited, so if she goes overboard with her strength (punching a brick wall thicker than 6 inches or a titanium alloy wall) she'll end up breaking the bones in the limb she uses and the result is a painful healing process for her bones. Whenever Draga break any bones, those broken bones take hours to a few days to repair, depending on the size of the bones (small bones like fingers and ribs heal faster compared to larger bones like spine and femurs). Draga is not created to be immortal, so she can be killed (Even when she's unhurt, a shot to the head at point blank can kill her.)


Description: As an experiment in the Department, Draga's main power is transformation. She transforms, either through L.I.G.H.T.'s control, by pain or rage, into a man-killing monster that cannot tell a friend from a foe. This form is very fast, unlike Draga in human form, and can easily skewer her opponents with her claws and in some rare cases, rip their limbs off with her powerful jaws. Also most of attacks by opponents are highly unlikely to knock Draga down in this form as easily as it would for Draga in her human form.
Limitations: Once Draga transforms, it's almost impossible to control that form (But she'll learn to control it over time). There are certain things that sets Draga off, causing her to attack whatever causes those triggers; noise and being attacked are two things that sets her off (or otherwise she'll ignore anyone's presense). Draga remains in this form, mauling everything standing in her way, until nothing provokes her. Often Draga in this form will jumps into situations without thinking, which could leave her vulnerable to any attacks. This is why Draga often leaves the battlefield wounded. Whenever Draga returns from this form, she passes out and will remain unconscious for a hour or longer. Draga, in this form, cannot tolerate cold climates so if Draga is enraged or hurt, she wouldn’t transform at all; or she, in the monster form, will return to normal right away.


Family: None
Rank: N/A
Parents: None
Sibling(s): None
Known Relatives: None
Children: None
Been in love: No
Boyfriend: None
Marital status: Single
Roommates: NAME/NO ONE
Best Friends: Kellan
Acquaintances: ACQUAINTANCES
Sworn Enemies: Rauch, Donnel Rodriquez, and Frank Harris. Later in the future, Gunnar Shackle.


Personality type: Advocate
Personality temperament: Visionary
Extraverted or introverted? Extraverted
Sensing or intuition? Intuition
Thinking or feeling? Feeling
Judging or perceiving? Perceiving
Objective or subjective? Subjective
Mercy or justice? Justice
Leader or follower? Follower
Optimist or pessimist? Both
Daredevil or cautious? Both
Unorganized or perfectionist? Both (Depends on the situation)
Outgoing or shy? Both
Active or lazy? Both (Depends on the situation)
Serious or playful? Serious most of the time, especially on duty, it's a rarity to see her as playful
Mean or nice? Nice
Nature: Quiet and courageous
In a good mood: Lays back and relax with Kellan or other friends.
In a bad mood: Separate from everyone else.
Pissed beyond reason: Transforms and mauls anything that provokes her.
Strengths: Slow to anger most of time.
Weaknesses: Doesn't know how to make friends feel better after a serious situation. And she gets bored very easily
Mental Disabilities: None
Happy when: Everything's peaceful and friends are safe.
Frightened when: Friends are in danger and there is nothing she can do.
Helpless when Friends get hurt or killed.
Sad when: She's alone.
Angry when: Enemies cause harm to her friends or people doing stupid things.
Lonely when: Nobody's there with her.
Self expression: She often thinks that showing too much emotion is a sign of weakness. Plus negative emotions are used to force her transformation right away.


Favorite memory: She doesn't have a favorite memory yet.
Least favorite memory: Turned into a man-killing monster.

LIGHT ScientistEdit

Created by: Donnel Rodriquez and Frank Harris
Purpose for Creation: Assassin/Bodyguard
LIGHT Facility Location: TBA
Eon Experiment Number: TBA
Additional Documentation: SCIENTIST OBSERVATION/NOTES***See LIGHT Scientist Donnel Rodriquez or Frank Harris for more info.

Additional InfoEdit

Sing? Rarely, she doesn't get a chance to sing much.
Dance? Not really, she'll dance randomly sometimes whenever she’s bored, music or no music.
Play an instrument? No, has no interest in them.
Do Gymnastics? Yes, she's very flexible.
Draw? Rarely, she's too busy with her duty and other things to draw.
Read? Yes, she read a lot when she gets a chance.
Write? Yes, but not often.
Cook? Yes, but her meals aren't that great. She prefer to cook simple meals
Speak a different language? Sign Language, more specifically Sign Exact English.
Swim? Yes, it's one of her favorite activities. Plus, the crocodile DNA within her makes her a very skilled swimmer
Additional Skills/Talents: DETAILS***

Favorite food: Any kind of wild game meat.
Least favorite food: Vegetables, except for corns, carrots and potatoes.
Favorite music: Country
Least favorite music: Rap and Rock
Favorite Color: Forest Green
Least favorite color: Bright Yellow
Favorite literature: Fantasy/Action
Favorite weapon: Daggers, throwing knives, fists and legs
Favorite swear words: Dammit!
Favorite beverage: Sparkling juice/cider
Favorite animal: Kudu
Favorite past-time: Lounging in the forest or anywhere else in the nature
Favorite location: LOCATION***

Transportation: Running, and her black Ziramos Ravager with flame paint job.
Driving ability: YES/NO DETAILS***
Schooling: Yes, at LIGHT.
Been in trouble with the law? Yes, very often but she get away with it, because she’s a skilled assassin.
Done anything illegal and not gotten caught? Yes, poaching, manslaughter, murder, theft, break-and-enter and much, much more… And she gets away every time.
Smoke?: No
Drink?: No

How are they perceived by...
Strangers? She seems like a normal young woman, who's very quiet.
Friends? She's calm, friendly, and mellow, but she's a gal of a few words.
Lovers? N/A
Family? N/A
Children? N/A

Character InterviewEdit

(responses in his/her own voice)
I got my name from Dr. Donnel, he's the one who "took care" of me.
My favorite home is the PAL headquarters.
My current relationship status is single.
My goal in life is to live to my fullest with no worries.
I wish I could stop all the suffering my friends have to go through.
I'm a sucker for meat!
The worst part of my life is being turned into a monster.
I want to teach my children that they should not let other people get the advantage of them and to stand for themselves.
A good time for me is when I'm not on-duty.
The worst advice given to me was RESPONSE.
I thought I was grown up when I graduated from school and was given the security guard duty.
When I feel sorry for myself I run off to be alone.
Nobody knows that I've killed dozens and dozens of animals, humans, and Eons...
I think my friends like me because RESPONSE***
My pet peeve is rude people, people who causes suffering for their pleasure, and perverts.
My major accomplishment is escaping from LIGHT.
I can die happy when the Eons are free and equal, also that LIGHT is destroyed for good.
I'd really rather either be hunting or relaxing.
My most humbling experience was when I befriended with the escaped Eons.
My most prized possession is my friendship with Kellan.
My darkest secret is that I’m a mass murderer.
My peculiarities include sleeping in strange places, like in the bathroom or on the roof... please don't ask.
If granted one wish, it would be to bring LIGHT down forever!
The worst thing that could happen would be losing everyone I know and care for.

Additional InfoEdit

-The scars Draga has occurred before the operation to trigger the Eon Code within her, The bullet hole scars were the first wounds Draga acquired after the operation, it remained as scars because the Eon Code didn’t response to the wounds right away. Draga don't get scars afterward from her wounds anymore due to her rapid healing ability.
-Draga has the freedom to leave the property, but only for a limited time, for scouting and/or assassinate escaped Eons.
-Draga is often forced to transform and kill eons released by Donnel so he can study her behavior.
-Draga has been friends Kellan since he was just 1 years old, so because of that they have a pretty strong bond.
-After Draga's battle against Donnel Rodriquez, she disappeared with no explanation, leaving Kellan behind. Draga eventually turns up again years later when LIGHT emerges once again.

Creator NotesEdit

She's modeled after Myself. She used to represent me until I made huge changes to her, now she’s just a kickass character I can’t wait to use in the rp! Her name originally was Legna for a Naruto fanfiction, but one of my brothers thought it was a dumb name and gave my character the name Draga. I feel the song "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace really represents her.